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Suffolk County Synthetic Grass

Pet Grass and Synthetic Grass Installations

Give your pet a surface that will make its outdoor time with our Suffolk County synthetic grass.

Pets love our Suffolk County synthetic grass because it is comfortable and pest-free, and pet owners love SYNLawn® grass synthetics because they are safe for their pets and incredibly easy to maintain. No other pet surface is as pet friendly as our synthetic turf, and your custom synthetic grass installation will feature a realistic look and feel that other fakes grasses simply can’t duplicate. At the end of the day you want your pet to be safe and happy during its time outdoors, and we’ll work with you to make sure this is the case. Learn more about our pet grass, and make your yard or dog run one your pet will actually look forward to spending time on!

Our dog friendly grass lawns and pet turf offer a number of great benefits for you and your family pet. These include:

Before we install we create a design that takes into account the size of our available space, the size and breed of your dog, the amount of time it spends outside and more. SYNLawn® leaves no stone unturned in insuring the comfort of your pet.

Our synthetic grass is made from nylon fibers that look better than other synthetic grasses and are known for their durability. For folks in Suffolk County our grass synthetics are a great idea that can help them save time and money because they require no yard work or watering. And our fake grass looks like the natural grass at its greenest and keeps that look year-round!

SYNLawn® invites Suffolk County residents to make synthetic turf the primary outdoor surface for their family pets. Let’s speak today regarding your synthetic grass installation and get to work in providing a clean, comfortable and safe surface for your four-legged friend.

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